From Anemones grown in Italy, to Zantedeschia grown in The Netherlands.
We have the perfect blooms that will excite your senses.

Perfectly tied bouquets to full house dressings Petals@Bibendum will create the perfect floral couture.


Petals@Bibendum evolved in 1982 from humble beginnings selling flowers on the side of the road to establishing a magnificent flower shop on Marylebone Station to playing a real life game of Monopoly with flower shops on London Bridge, Euston, Melcombe Street and Maida Vale. This has culminated in a visually stunning display in Bibendum. Our 35 years in the industry has given us an insight into what the current trends are and we have the exact combination of flowers to compliment the perfect venue.


The team at Petals@Bibendum have over three decades of experience between them. From a simple tied bunch to a full house dressing, Jonathan and his team are on hand to discuss your floral requirements.

Emi, a trusted and loyal floral designer has been with petals@bibendum for over 10 years, and is well versed in all aspects of floristry. Classically trained in Japan, and working in London now for over 20 years, Emi has the knowledge and experience to dress a complete home with confidence. Emi’s style is very modern with a classic twist.

Theo, our very talented head Florist has been in the industry for over 10 years, starting as a junior at the very fashionable McQueens Florist and working his way up to contracts manager. He left McQueens in 2017 to further his career with us at Petals@Bibendum. Theo’s style is ultra modern and is extremely talented in the hand tied bouquet sector of the market.

Matthieu, joined us in 2017, having freelanced for some of London’s prestigious florists. He currently freelances for Several florists throughout London, but is spending the mainstay of his week with us. Mattieu’s floristry is very adaptable - ranging from ultra modern to classical floristry. His talent lies in hand tied Bouquets and large functions in top London hotels.

John, is our newest member of our team, having had his own business but has chosen to spread his wings and work for us in Bibendum. Classically trained in Italy, John’s style is typically classical with a hint of traditional floristry. John favours large bouquet styling, along with full house dressings. His particular forte is stunning large hand tied Bouquets for the bespoke floral marketplace.

Amber also joined us in 2017, having also worked for some of London’s prestigious top florists. Traditionally trained at Capel Manor in Enfield, Amber has honed her skills and styling working on large functions along with house dressings. Her hand tied Bouquets are a must, and her enthusiasm shows in each and every bouquet.

Jonathan, is the owner/director/floral creator of the business. Starting in the flower industry in 1982 building up businesses within the floral sector over three decades. His most notable business was Chiltern Flowers established in 1982 on Marylebone Station. He went on to sell the business in 2001 to focus on building the now very successful Petals@Bibendum.

Jonathan and his team are on hand to welcome you from 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday, and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Our floral delights.

Pink Paeonies and Avalanche Roses
Our delightful display
Red Naomi Roses,Rice Flower and Vanda Orchids
Victorian Classic Roses, Snowberry and Hydrangea
Pink Floyd Roses,Victorian Classic Roses, Red Naomi Roses,Geranium Foliage with Command Performance Paeonies.
Purple Incurves, Pink Floyd Roses,Victorian Classic Roses, Lime Lisianthus and Command Performance Paeonies.
Cream Incurves, Victorian Classic Roses and Green Bell.
Red Naomi Roses, Vanda Orchids, Hydrangea and Green Bell.


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